Dirty Southred


hamma13 Regent since Spring 1990
Age 83
Popularity -28.40
Power 1.00
Int. reputation 13.46
Health 1.69
Influence -27.30
Elections 0%

Regent's statistics

Referenda 0%
Tasks sat out 23%
Quarters without action 16 Quarters
Enforced reforms 9
Changes of the budget 49
Average voting results 72%
Re-elections 12



212 Change of budget
211 Liberalism
209 Lunar Colony
208 Change of budget
Election result 68%
204 Change of budget
200 Change of budget
199 Public Broadcasters
198 Legalize It!
197 Investment Subsidy
Scat Pornography
196 Change of budget
195 Traffic Offenders
194 Direct Marketing
193 State Visit
Product Piracy
192 Change of budget
Election result 70%
191 Genetically Modified Food
190 Topless Society
Diatribe active
189 Police Equipment
Artificial Meat
188 Change of budget
187 Prohibition
186 Trademark Rights
Random event: Due to the low value of the Dollar, producers can't afford anymore important resources.
185 Doping
Voyage to Mars
184 Change of budget
183 Olympic Games
182 Capital Gains Tax
181 World Championship
Illegal Immigration
Company Secrets
180 Change of budget
Random event: population is shocked by the most recent gun rampage at a school causing twenty fatalities
179 Salary justification
178 Homelessness
Competitive Sports
177 Ding Dong
School Uniforms
176 Change of budget
Random event: this year even three scientists from Dirty South gained a Nobel prize which caused a worldwide furore
Election result 70%
175 Fighter Jets
Random event: a hacker was able to break into the central administration database and sell the data to dubious corporations