Republik der Gerechtigkeit



Aslan1990 Regent since Spring 1990
Age 83
Popularity -2.01
Power 6.02
Int. reputation -6.35
Health 0.07
Influence -0.04
Elections 0%

Regent's statistics

Referenda 0%
Tasks sat out 2%
Quarters without action 12 Quarters
Enforced reforms 8
Changes of the budget 46
Average voting results 96%
Re-elections 12



209 In Vitro Fertilization
208 Topless Society
Election result 95%
207 Change of budget
206 Larks and owls
205 Fighter Jets
Native Language Music
Inheritance Tax
204 Universal health care
203 Money Reform II
202 The last shah
201 Competitive Sports
200 Freedom to Strike
Road Workers
199 Change of budget
198 Militarism
197 Prohibition
Nano factories
196 Rainforest Preservation Fund
195 Change of budget
Random event: Due to the low value of the Ost Credits, producers can't afford anymore important resources.
194 Naturalization
Fair Trade
192 Land Reclamation
Animal shelters
Election result 97%
191 Change of budget
190 Candies
Marching of Nazis
189 Outsourcing
New Clothes
188 Medicants
187 Change of budget
186 Electricity Tariff
185 Internet Slang
Communication Data
184 Animal Experiments
Treasure Hunt
183 Change of budget
Random event: a renegade insider uncovered that Amestris-Ost staged a plane crash which caused death of more than hundred terror suspects from Makreich
182 Human Rights Council
181 Traffic Offenders
Compulsory Checkups
180 Capital Gains Tax
179 Change of budget
177 Cannibalism
Binge drinking
176 Election result 97%
175 Change of budget
173 Surveillance of employment areas
World Championship
Due to the diatribe of his head of state, Micronia imposes a trade boycott against Amestris-Ost, which reduces imports and exports