Quarter 162 - Summer 2030

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Militia high Security, Administration 25.05.2020 02:54
Need for Speed? high Environment, Infrastructure 29.05.2020 00:52
Online Games high Economy, Media 27.05.2020 00:31
Product Piracy normal Security, Economy 29.05.2020 00:53
Culture coupons NEW normal Education, Media 30.05.2020 00:40
Family Liability normal Rights, Family 27.05.2020 00:32
Ivy League low Economy, Education 29.05.2020 00:52

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Companies insure their public image is positive to avoid public calls for boycott.
Sodas and cakes are becoming real luxury items.
Makreich doesn't take Horsia's mediator role serious and keeps Tauris, resulting in sanctions by Horsia and other countries
Random event: this year even three scientists from Horsia gained a Nobel prize which caused a worldwide furore
youths don't get any hard alcoholic drinks
Some companies raid their own accounts to get state phishing compensation.
Workers partake in the profits of their enterprises.
only the most worrying states are exempted from arms exports
androids are slowly introduced into everyday life on rigorous conditions
the lunar colony enjoys great popularity among wealthy or handicapped tourists