Quarter 191 - Spring 2038

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Adoption high Rights, Family 30.05.2020 22:13
Discounts for Seniors high Rights, Budget 30.05.2020 22:12
Hostages high Rights, Abroad 04.06.2020 22:03
Interest Rate normal Economy, Rights 04.06.2020 22:03
Product Testing normal Economy, Environment 03.06.2020 23:20
The Nobility low Administration, Rights 02.06.2020 23:07
Film Editing low Rights, Media 03.06.2020 23:21

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Smaland has deposed of all nuclear weapons and has relinquished its status as a nuclear power
Business booms for tax-free escapade services arranging affairs resulting in a high national divorce rate.
The state massively subsidizes all wages.
Dozens of trash disposal companies work under the supervision of a shadowy organization.
Since the new restrictions for breeding, pets are vitually affordable only for those with higher income.
The elderly sink large amounts of money into houses, jewelery, and enterprises to escape the inheritance tax.
Insurance companies now determine the "profitability" of every disease and injury and to reduce payments on expensive treatments, cancer is classified as "unprofitable" and thus premiums are charged.
Products from Smaland are very expensive, but are perceived as quality goods.
Parents who do not pass the test must submit to governmental observation.
Parents get reduced child benefits for fat kids.