Quarter 115 - Autumn 2018

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Questionaire high Economy, Rights 20.03.2020 01:44
Death Penalty high Security, Rights 17.03.2020 09:29
Organ Donation high Health, Rights 20.03.2020 01:45
Communication Data normal Security, Rights 22.03.2020 03:34
Foreign Television normal Rights, Abroad 22.03.2020 03:33
Surveillance Cameras low Security, Rights 20.03.2020 01:42
Prohibition low Health, Rights 20.03.2020 01:46

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Bands from Suedbaden have a very hard time competiting with heavily marketed foreign music.
Endurance athletes from Suedbaden rarely make the news in international competitions.
Students from some schools miserably fail the new standardized graduation tests.
whoever wants to buy a train ticket has to log into a social network first and to accept others getting note about it
Labor unions and employer associations regularly debate about agreed wages.
Participation in adult education is financially rewarded.
because of abolishment of all labor time regulations eliminates automation stagnates, hence productivity also does
international weapon inspectors find no trace of forbidden weapons despite consistently burgeoning rumours of them
many alumni looking for work eke out a living with internships paid by the state
costs-by-cause principle for public services is reintroduced strictly