Penguin Regent since Winter 1990
Age 69
Popularity 2.18
Power 1.57
Int. reputation 4.08
Health 2.87
Influence 3.45
Elections 0%

Regent's statistics

Referenda 0%
Tasks sat out 8%
Quarters without action 11 Quarters
Enforced reforms 6
Changes of the budget 23
Average voting results 69%
Re-elections 9



158 Public service dues
Child abuse
155 Freedom of Movement
Fat tax
154 Asylum
Rating Agencies
153 Costs of tax advice
152 Change of budget
151 Forced Labor
Product Liability
Road Workers
150 Random event: a long lasting period of drought causes crop failure and rising food prices
149 Discounts for Seniors
Personal Rapid Transit
147 Burial Rituals
146 Pets
144 Change of budget
Election result 74%
143 Credit Trade
Legalize It!
142 Company Secrets
141 Barriers
Rainforest Preservation Fund
140 Change of budget
139 License to Kill
Ivy League
Boundary dispute
138 Toxic waste
137 Neuro enhancement
Cash for clunkers
136 Change of budget
135 A Matter Of Taste
The last shah
134 Sabbaticals
Birth limitation
Random event: auction proceeds of broadband licences are a great benefit for the budget
133 Denial
132 Freigeld
Random event: The singer 'Nela' wins the World Song Contest with her great song 'Trabant', filling the hearts of the people with joy and pride
131 Real Estate Agents
Tax Liability In Foreign Countries
130 Whaling
Border fortification
Random event: over and over occuring strikes of small employee groups delay economical development
129 Divorces
128 Change of budget
Election result 74%
127 Prohibition
126 Gambling
125 Accommodation of terror suspects
123 Antisocial Behavior
Crisis on Tauris
122 Interfaces
121 Treasure Hunt
120 Change of budget