Bolivarische Republik


Quarter 187 - Spring 2037

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Food Stamps high Health, Budget 26.05.2020 03:04
Profit Sharing high Economy, Rights 30.05.2020 21:39
Euthanasia normal Health, Rights 02.06.2020 02:47
Shopping Hours normal Economy, Rights 27.05.2020 03:46
Tabloids normal Education, Media 31.05.2020 00:23
Competitive Sports normal Health, Abroad 29.05.2020 00:32
Sports low Health, Rights 30.05.2020 21:45

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Therapists keep up-to-date with constant training.
several terrorist attacks shatter Kratonien till the acommodated shah one day peacefully passes away in his bed
The citizens of Kratonien are declared the best dressed people worldwide by the international press.
Foreign investors relocate their capital to other countries since their secrets are no longer secure in Kratonien.
androids are slowly introduced into everyday life on rigorous conditions
an union for late risers' rights establishs itself and slowly changes education and work life
Random event: a horrible nuclear reactor accident contaminates vast areas of Kratonien
The early introduction to driving lowers fatal accident rates, but drivers pay much more in insurance premiums to cover for the increased rate of minor accidents.
Rural areas are supplied by delivery companies that are subsidized by the state.
due to geothermal powerhouses' abundant power electric mobility becomes more attractive