Kolumbia IIIgreen

Quarter 135 - Autumn 2023

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Adult Education high Economy, Education 10.10.2019 15:20
Singles high Rights, Family 10.10.2019 15:21
Salary justification NEW normal Economy, Rights 14.10.2019 20:57
Fair Trade normal Economy, Abroad 14.10.2019 01:45
Banking Confidentiality NEW normal Economy, Budget 15.10.2019 00:24
Incest NEW normal Rights, Family 15.10.2019 00:23
Discounts for Seniors low Rights, Budget 14.10.2019 01:46

Former decisions had the following consequences:

The people of Kolumbia III appreciate very much the government's guarantee of the freedom of speech.
More and more departments are being outsourced to other countries.
Public pools are financed by an income tax increase.
difficult juveniles are parented in "familial" schools
The number of police officers in Kolumbia III has been greatly increased.
Most commercial TV stations and many advertising agencies close down due to restricted airtime.
The police uses anti-juvenile sonic devices to disperse protesters and break-up riots.
conscription was shortened since subsequent civilian service is duty
Job applicants are protected against employers requesting personal information not required for employment.
School books are available for free.