PS 2green

Quarter 250 - Winter 2052

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment

Former decisions had the following consequences:

a CD with data about tax evasion leads to uptightness among some citizens while others feel satisfaction
All shops have the same opening hours.
The citizens of PS 2 are declared the best dressed people worldwide by the international press.
The number of first-time users decreases noticeably.
An employer-friendly media conglomerate holds predominant influence on public opinion.
Thousands of people illegally cross the border in waves as they are granted amnesty and given citizenship after two years of avoiding the police inside PS 2.
Garage sales and online auction sites are made illegal to stop the sale of knock-off products.
Therapists keep up-to-date with constant training.
Animal abusers are convicted as felons and given long sentences in prison.
The police uses anti-juvenile sonic devices to disperse protesters and break-up riots.