Sascha Schulzred


Title Urgency Categories Assignment Done
Lobbyists normal Economy, Rights 13.08.2019 22:41 13.08.2019 22:43
Naturalization low Rights, Abroad 13.08.2019 22:41 13.08.2019 22:43
Fire Destroys Parliament Building high Security, Rights 13.08.2019 22:41 13.08.2019 22:42
National Railway Privatization normal Economy, Infrastructure 13.08.2019 22:41 13.08.2019 22:42

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Random event: a bumper crop lets food prices collapse
Lobbyists legally manipulate congressmen.
Even second or third generation immigrants are denied citizenship status.
Nationalistic pride spreads across the land as certain immigrants are viewed as potential terrorists by the public.
A private monopoly of the railway system has recently formed, worrying custormers with the prospect of poor service and high prices due to the lack of competition.