Title Urgency Categories Assignment Done
Insults high Security, Rights 12.08.2019 19:52 16.08.2019 23:22
Immigration high Rights, Abroad 07.08.2019 05:09 12.08.2019 19:53
Terrorist Assault high Security, Rights 07.08.2019 05:10 12.08.2019 19:53
Military Schools extremely high Rights, Family 08.08.2019 05:38 12.08.2019 19:52
Election Pledges normal Administration, Rights 07.08.2019 05:09 08.08.2019 05:38
Fire Destroys Parliament Building extremely high Security, Rights 07.08.2019 05:09 07.08.2019 05:10

Tasks which were sat out

Title Categories Sat out on
Banking Confidentiality Economy, Budget 13.08.2019 01:44
Rating Agencies Economy, Rights 13.08.2019 01:44
Birth limitation Rights, Family 08.08.2019 05:38
Crop Energy Economy, Environment 15.08.2019 01:07
Lobbyists Economy, Rights 15.08.2019 01:07
Many gaudy smarties Administration, Health 16.08.2019 23:22
Consolidation of Media Economy, Media 16.08.2019 23:23
Reintegration Rights, Abroad 18.08.2019 23:56

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Tabloids blackmail celebrities by publishing false stories on their private lives.
Jerusalem becomes infamous as New Sparta
Random event: a long lasting period of drought causes crop failure and rising food prices
Immigration is limited to qualified workers.
A "terrorist attack" was exposed at the last-minute before it happened, resulting in new security measures along with many conspiracy theories.
difficult juveniles transpire in military schools while marching, cleaning and potato skinning
Politicians don't give any election pledges since they can be sued for not keeping them.
Public opinion turns against the left-wing as communist and anarchist activists are pinned as subversive and undermining national security.