Islamic Republic of Punjab



Title Urgency Categories Assignment Done
Labor Time normal Economy, Health 05.08.2019 21:04 05.08.2019 21:11
Equality normal Economy, Rights 05.08.2019 21:09 05.08.2019 21:10
Election Pledges normal Administration, Rights 05.08.2019 21:04 05.08.2019 21:09
Diatribe active high Rights, Abroad 05.08.2019 21:06 05.08.2019 21:08
Binge drinking high Health, Rights 05.08.2019 21:04 05.08.2019 21:06
Fire Destroys Parliament Building high Security, Rights 05.08.2019 21:04 05.08.2019 21:05

Former decisions had the following consequences:

because of the forced reduction in labor time, enterprises often force their employees to work faster and harder
Enterprises consciously pay lesser fees for women in order to force the state to cover the difference.
Politicians don't give any election pledges since they can be sued for not keeping them.
The satirist Johann Beamerwood is publicly reprimanded for insulting a foreign head of state by the government
complete deregulation of alcohol sale for juveniles results in incredible drink excesses
Opposition parties try to pin the blame for the fire in the legislative building on your party.