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Title Urgency Categories Assignment Done
Whaling normal Environment, Rights 17.06.2019 14:30 22.06.2019 19:59
Representative Monarchy normal Administration, Budget 17.06.2019 14:28 22.06.2019 19:58
Coitus duty normal Rights, Family 22.06.2019 19:56 22.06.2019 19:57
Questionaire high Economy, Rights 17.06.2019 14:27 20.06.2019 11:33
Many gaudy smarties normal Administration, Health 17.06.2019 14:29 17.06.2019 14:30
Public Pools normal Health, Budget 12.06.2019 10:47 17.06.2019 14:29
Election Pledges normal Administration, Rights 12.06.2019 10:47 17.06.2019 14:27
Lobbyists normal Economy, Rights 12.06.2019 10:47 14.06.2019 03:34
Border fortification high Security, Environment 14.06.2019 03:32 14.06.2019 03:33
Citizens' Initiative normal Administration, Rights 14.06.2019 03:31 14.06.2019 03:32
Firearms high Security, Rights 12.06.2019 10:47 14.06.2019 03:31
Fire Destroys Parliament Building high Security, Rights 12.06.2019 10:47 12.06.2019 10:48

Tasks which were sat out

Title Categories Sat out on
Product Liability Economy, Rights 17.06.2019 14:28
Short Rests Economy, Health 22.06.2019 19:56

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Protesters gather outside supermarkets across Rusilandia as imported whale meat is placed on the shelves.
The people proudly declare the monarchy definitely dead.
coitus duty is forbidden by law, no matter the religion and marriage contract
Job applicants are protected against employers requesting personal information not required for employment.
citizens are still dependent on good will of doctors when they want certain medicines
Public pools are modernized at an enormous cost.
Random event: miserable scoring of national team at last World Cup results in bad mood
Politicians don't give any election pledges since they can be sued for not keeping them.
Lobbyists legally manipulate congressmen.
children, pet dogs and dodgy characters now gallivant in the recently reconstructed bunker facilities