Quarter 232 - Summer 2048
State calculations are running, actions are permitted again after 12:20 AM Central European Time. Meanwhile, you could visit the forum.

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Battle Robots extremely high Security, Budget 23.02.2020 10:27
Product Testing high Economy, Environment 25.02.2020 14:42
Burial Rituals high Administration, Rights 24.02.2020 20:35
Trading Card Games high Health, Rights 20.02.2020 23:52
Human Rights Council high Rights, Abroad 27.02.2020 08:39
Public Broadcasters normal Rights, Media 25.02.2020 14:42
Free Speech on the Internet normal Rights, Media 27.02.2020 08:40

Former decisions had the following consequences:

The state initiates all-embracing campaigns to teach the "reasonable" use of creativity drugs even to children in school.
Dervish temporarily detains terror suspects from Makreich
Fearing that Dervish could attack, several neighboring countries block the whole internet.
interships become rare since they have to be paid
Scat porn enthusiasts are punished harshly.
The newly mandated culture programs on TV drives people's will to read again.
fire service receives a massive increase of public grants
Enterprises focus on in-company advanced training.
pro-government cultural events are massively subsidized by the state
Random event: The singer 'Nela' wins the World Song Contest with her great song 'Trabant', filling the hearts of the people with joy and pride