Förderale Republik


Quarter 169 - Winter 2032

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Asylum extremely high Rights, Abroad 14.09.2019 00:28
Investment Subsidy high Economy, Budget 18.09.2019 22:34
Pick A Name, Any Name high Administration, Rights 17.09.2019 23:32
Abortion high Health, Rights 13.09.2019 23:52
Inheritance Tax normal Economy, Budget 18.09.2019 22:36
Patent Use normal Economy, Rights 12.09.2019 15:16
Labor Unions low Economy, Rights 20.09.2019 00:23

Former decisions had the following consequences:

The security of the Central Administration Database was increased by an annual data purge.
A massive tax investigation pays non-resident millionaires a displeasing visit.
drug addicts start therapies with the aim to get their drugs prescribed afterwards
extensive prevention programs against child abuse slowly deliver results
The new Domestic Housing Construction Plan provides homes for thousands of homeless people.
Fair Trade products are now free of all excise taxes, which lowers their prices slightly
finally nuclear fusion is available for profitable use
FRE is a paradise for illegal immigration as floods of people pour over the borders.
temporary work has become significantly more expensive since wage of contract workers has be adjusted
Foreign countries wonder why the citizens of FRE don't join in when their anthem is performed.