Demokratische Republik



Title Urgency Categories Assignment Done
Polygraph normal Security, Rights 26.04.2019 11:39 30.04.2019 21:05
Immigration high Rights, Abroad 21.04.2019 12:47 30.04.2019 21:03
Denial high Rights, Abroad 26.04.2019 17:24 30.04.2019 21:00
Burial Rituals normal Administration, Rights 28.04.2019 20:31 28.04.2019 20:35
Militia high Security, Administration 21.04.2019 12:52 28.04.2019 20:31
Election Pledges extremely high Administration, Rights 21.04.2019 12:47 26.04.2019 11:39
Foreign Languages normal Economy, Education 23.04.2019 18:12 25.04.2019 00:43
Military Schools high Rights, Family 23.04.2019 18:04 25.04.2019 00:41
Lobbyists normal Economy, Rights 21.04.2019 12:47 23.04.2019 18:12
Comprehensive schools normal Education, Rights 21.04.2019 12:47 23.04.2019 18:08
Need for Speed? high Environment, Infrastructure 21.04.2019 12:47 22.04.2019 16:33
Fire Destroys Parliament Building extremely high Security, Rights 21.04.2019 12:47 22.04.2019 16:28
Same-Sex Union normal Rights, Family 21.04.2019 12:47 21.04.2019 12:52

Tasks which were sat out

Title Categories Sat out on
Corruption Abroad Economy, Abroad 26.04.2019 17:24
Plastic Surgery Health, Rights 30.04.2019 21:02

Former decisions had the following consequences:

The state invests great sums of money in order to make transhumanist technology available for all citizens and not just a small elite.
The national research institute for the development of drugs against diseases of poverty has been completed. Now, research on a cure for malaria started.
The use of polygraphs is completely prohibited.
The immigration of poorly qualified workers leads to even greater unemployment, crime, and lower wages for all workers.
The crimes of the past are not brought up publicly anymore, for fear of slips of the tongue or misquotes.
Due to a central government database, bureaucratic processes become much faster.
Online auctions of the organs of dead celebrities bring sizeable profits for their relatives.
The number of police officers in Benjamin has been greatly increased.
Politicians don't give any election pledges since they can be sued for not keeping them.
Alumni from Benjamin are favored in other countries because of their above-board knowledge of the dominant foreign technical terminology.