Quarter 76 - Winter 2008

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Privatization of Governmental Buildings extremely high Administration, Budget 13.06.2019 21:41
Salary justification high Economy, Rights 12.06.2019 19:13
Broadcasting Licenses high Rights, Media 16.06.2019 20:22
Discipline normal Health, Education 14.06.2019 20:33
Additional Welfare NEW normal Economy, Budget 18.06.2019 23:48
Mom and Pop Shops NEW low Economy, Infrastructure 18.06.2019 23:40
Surveillance Cameras NEW low Security, Rights 18.06.2019 23:49

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Pupils are trained in 'soft' skills when a class is cancelled.
Real estate agents become some of the wealthiest people in the nation as they gain near total control over the housing industry and charge exorbitant fees.
The age of consent in Kalbaria is equal to the international average.
Once a month, all representatives have to face up to a journalist of the public broadcasting service.
government's commodity team 'Healthy Nutrition' annoys the people with irregular tax changes, but delivers results bit by bit
Drug addicts are only forced to deprive if they are proven in court to be a threat to themselves or society.
Volunteer teachers instruct millions of children in makeshift shacks who are unable to afford a private education.
an union for late risers' rights establishs itself and slowly changes education and work life
Because of high taxes, many diesel vehicles are eventually converted to gasoline.
Police surround anarchists illegally occupying a grouping of houses who are planning to create their own independent village.