Title Urgency Categories Assignment Done
Penalty tax extremely high Economy, Rights 27.04.2019 22:45 30.04.2019 20:38
Crop Energy extremely high Economy, Environment 26.04.2019 22:26 30.04.2019 20:37
Profit Sharing extremely high Economy, Rights 23.04.2019 22:54 30.04.2019 20:36
Lobbyists extremely high Economy, Rights 23.04.2019 22:54 30.04.2019 20:35
Immigration extremely high Rights, Abroad 23.04.2019 22:54 30.04.2019 20:34
Militant animal rights groups extremely high Environment, Rights 25.04.2019 21:13 27.04.2019 22:45
Land Reclamation extremely high Environment, Infrastructure 23.04.2019 22:54 27.04.2019 22:42
Flood Disaster extremely high Environment, Budget 26.04.2019 22:24 26.04.2019 22:28
Fat tax extremely high Health, Budget 25.04.2019 21:11 26.04.2019 22:26
Election Pledges extremely high Administration, Rights 23.04.2019 22:54 26.04.2019 22:24
Psychotherapy high Economy, Health 23.04.2019 22:55 25.04.2019 21:13
Fire Destroys Parliament Building high Security, Rights 23.04.2019 22:54 23.04.2019 22:55

Tasks which were sat out

Title Categories Sat out on
Birth limitation Rights, Family 25.04.2019 21:11

Former decisions had the following consequences:

A special commission imposes a penalty tax on enterprises that fire or dismiss many people with little warning.
Reiland becomes even more dependent on oil as crops may not be used for producing energy.
employees suffer from significant wage losses if their employer incurs a loss
Fearing criminal prosecution, lobbyists and politicians now only meet on remote islands during "vacations."
Immigration is limited to qualified workers.
animal right organizations and military forces fight together for animal rights
A massive dam provides the citizens of Reiland with huge tracts of land, but the loss of wetlands endangers many species of wildlife.
Citizens of disaster areas take extensive preventative measures independently.
government's commodity team 'Healthy Nutrition' annoys the people with irregular tax changes, but delivers results bit by bit
Politicians don't give any election pledges since they can be sued for not keeping them.