Liberale Republik

Deutscher Ostengreen

Quarter 39 - Autumn 1999

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Timing high Economy, Rights 20.04.2019 08:21
Pick A Name, Any Name high Administration, Rights 22.04.2019 08:18
Banking Confidentiality normal Economy, Budget 20.04.2019 08:24
Closing Time normal Economy, Rights 22.04.2019 08:21
Hospitals normal Economy, Health 23.04.2019 10:49
National Railway Privatization normal Economy, Infrastructure 23.04.2019 10:49
Emissions Trading normal Economy, Environment 23.04.2019 12:13

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Nursery homes receive massive national aid.
tedious international negotiations eventually result in Makreich retreating from Deutscher Osten
because of the forced reduction in labor time, enterprises often force their employees to work faster and harder
The national betting monopoly injects money into the state’s finances.
Commuters prefer to live far outside cities and drive fuel-guzzling SUVs and trucks since all commuting expenses can be deducted from taxes.
Immigration is limited to qualified workers.
Anyone who drives a large vehicle is severely punished for traffic offences.
Women handle contraceptives more and more carelessly.
Parking lots are transformed into impressive public parks.
A treasure trove of artifacts related to the Tempilos has been discovered, revealing damaging information about religious crimes two centuries ago. The exhibition has attracted many tourists.