Quarter 83 - Summer 2011

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Blasphemy high Education, Rights 10.06.2019 07:06
Timing high Economy, Rights 13.06.2019 06:46
School Uniforms high Education, Rights 12.06.2019 06:44
Land Reclamation high Environment, Infrastructure 10.06.2019 07:02
Euthanasia NEW normal Health, Rights 16.06.2019 23:30
Naturalization normal Rights, Abroad 13.06.2019 06:45
In Vitro Fertilization NEW normal Health, Family 16.06.2019 23:28

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Public calls for tenders will be offered only to companies that implement minimum social standards.
Due to a government religious decree, gay marriage is banned in Ukraine and known homosexuals are arrested.
The churches take over as places of primary health care for the poor.
Parents who do not pass the test must submit to governmental observation.
Ukraine is now being protected by an SDI-system
The candidacy for the next World Cup assures greater international prestige.
Animal abusers are convicted as felons and given long sentences in prison.
Tax income declines because of the expensive rebates.
conscription was tightened and supplemented by following regular training sessions
More cases emerge where parents keep their children locked in cages in dark basements for years.