Quarter 149 - Winter 2027

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Ban on Smoking high Health, Rights 20.08.2019 07:00
Human Rights Council high Rights, Abroad 20.08.2019 07:01
Native Language Music high Education, Media 16.08.2019 07:12
Organ Donation high Health, Rights 19.08.2019 08:14
Work on Weekends normal Economy, Rights 16.08.2019 07:13
Interest Rate normal Economy, Rights 20.08.2019 06:57
Forced Labor low Security, Rights 15.08.2019 06:59

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Students of Ukraine are rarely admitted to foreign universities after the teaching of evolution is banned from classrooms across the entire country.
Access to the Central Administration Database is granted to the courts to assist police in the fight against crime.
Anyone who drives a large vehicle is severely punished for traffic offences.
Minority and immigrant children get massive aid and are preferentially admitted to college, even with low grades, thus denying many qualified children from the middle class.
national control of labor time limits enterprises in their flexibility
Students have to to spend some time as manual laborer before they obtain their university degree.
Divorced spouses, who dedicated their life to raising their children, have them taken away as court decisions are tied to rigid divorce formulas.
Because of across-the-board copyright protection charges, the Internet gets three times as expensive as before.
People move closer to their jobs since commuting transport expenses cannot be deducted from taxes.
after many deaths a pandemia is beaten by a large-scale vaccination program