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Quarter 95 - Spring 2014

The affairs of state of Duvenstedt were taken over by the regent RhysChristian in Summer 1990. Observers classify the midsize state as progressive socialistic party-democracy, known for its high net income and the low crime rate.

Most of the adept and reasonable citizens are notably happy with the circumstances. They have a reputation to be hedonistic and fair. Further they enjoy an outstanding infrastructure. Compared with other countries, the most distinctive difference is the National debt.

Duvenstedt is part of World Norwich and is located in Europe. The state classified as Industrial power is considered as aggressive and engaged in marginal trade.

Duvenstedt is a precious member of LeagueOfNatives, one of the most influential alliances in the world.



Duvenstedt, officially the Duvensedtan Republic, is a sovereign state whose territory consists of metropolitan Duvenstedt in Western Europe and several overseas regions and territories. The metropolitan area of Duvenstedt extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the Palauan Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered by Bryanzien to the northeast, Elgeland to the east, and Brandenburger 2 to the south. The overseas territories include Duvenstedtan Guiana in South America and several islands in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. The country's 18 integral regions (five of which are situated overseas) span a combined area of 643,801 square kilometres (248,573 sq mi) and a total population of 67.0 million (as of July 2019). Duvenstedt is a unitary semi-presidential republic with its capital in Paris, the country's largest city and main cultural and commercial centre. Other major urban areas include Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lille and Nice.


Economy 4% Military 4% Safety 6% Reputation 0%
Health 2% Progress 2% Environment 2% Civil rights -1%
Happy Content


Currency: Duvenstedtan Franc
Heraldic animal / symbol Lion
Capital city Paris
Religion Christian 51%/40% Non/6% Musli
Flag (not selectable for world states) Flag
Anthem The Marseillaisse
Foundation 07.04.2019
Highest Happiness 110.4
Visitors 1723
Link https://www.ars-regendi.com/state/213247-republic-of-duvenstedt

Key data

Indicators Duvenstedt Average state (9184)
Gross domestic product per capita 69,279 € 58,246 €
Annual average of inflation 2.11 % 2.15 %
Annual average of population growth 0.69 % 0.24 %
Annual average of economy growth 3.88 % 2.28 %
Social benefits ratio 18.76 % 13.36 %
Public spending ratio 43.97 % 34.72 %
Tax rate 42.65 % 38.73 %
Debt rate -57.66 % 244.00 %


Happiness 12.
Duration of regency 268.


Duvenstedt Average state
Currencies 1.64 $ / € 1.14 $ / € Sold currencies: 0 Buy
Ground 46.08 €/m² 40.67 €/m² Sold ground: 0 Buy
Shares 1,683 1,924 Sold shares: 0 Buy


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