Quarter 81 - Spring 2010

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
World Championship high Economy, Media 08.04.2019 02:23
Death Penalty high Security, Rights 08.04.2019 02:27
Discipline normal Health, Education 07.04.2019 23:47
New Clothes normal Rights, Family 15.04.2019 15:13
Interest Rate normal Economy, Rights 15.04.2019 15:16
Casinos normal Rights, Abroad 07.04.2019 23:48
Creativity Drugs low Health, Rights 08.04.2019 02:30

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Electricity consumers also pay for advertising from the various electricity providers.
every business needs to offer alternatives to Fair Trade products
Adults have to attend technology tutorials against their will.
The state is obligated to provide a preschool space for every child.
Divorced spouses, who dedicated their life to raising their children, have them taken away as court decisions are tied to rigid divorce formulas.
Once a month, all representatives have to face up to a journalist of the public broadcasting service.
Enterprises have to treat mistakes of workers confidentially.
Students have to to spend some time as manual laborer before they obtain their university degree.
Call centers molest more and more households to make up for losses from sales that are cancelled the next day.
jobs are taxed by their assumed usefulness