Quarter 126 - Autumn 2021

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Pets extremely high Environment, Rights 12.06.2019 15:35
Autonomous Exclave extremely high Administration, Rights 14.06.2019 10:38
School Uniforms high Education, Rights 15.06.2019 23:16
Product Liability high Economy, Rights 13.06.2019 00:43
Attack Dogs high Security, Rights 15.06.2019 23:16
Road Workers normal Education, Rights 15.06.2019 23:16
Militia normal Security, Administration 15.06.2019 23:15

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Membership in a martial arts club is made into obligatory national defense service.
the state establishes its own compulsory rating agency
A meteorite contributes to the recapitalization of the treasury and boosts the economy.
Street cleaners have to take care in order to not destroy one of the many pieces of modern art.
Insurance companies now determine the "profitability" of every disease and injury and to reduce payments on expensive treatments, cancer is classified as "unprofitable" and thus premiums are charged.
government's commodity team 'Healthy Nutrition' annoys the people with irregular tax changes, but delivers results bit by bit
The state profits from scientific achievements of zero-gravity experiments.
Many fathers, politicians, and clergymen appear in court for downloading pornography.
Random event: rumors that parliament's blaze was staged increase distrust against MrProper
The costs for plastic surgery after accidental or criminal defacements have to be paid by the victims themselves.