Mein Land


Quarter 127 - Winter 2022

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Company Secrets extremely high Economy, Rights 11.06.2019 01:45
Sporting Events extremely high Economy, Media 13.06.2019 11:18
Libraries extremely high Education, Infrastructure 13.06.2019 11:19
Rating Agencies extremely high Economy, Rights 13.06.2019 11:18
Surveillance Cameras extremely high Security, Rights 14.06.2019 23:21
Rent high Economy, Infrastructure 14.06.2019 23:20
Child Labor normal Economy, Rights 14.06.2019 23:21

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Very dangerous people can adopt children without any regulations.
In public preschools, children are given a free government approved education.
Random event: population is shocked by the most recent gun rampage at a school causing twenty fatalities
Handicapped individuals enjoy a large amount of freedom from barriers.
Electricity consumers also pay for advertising from the various electricity providers.
The state pays for basic burials of deceased citizens.
Children are forced from a very young age into sports by their parents in hopes of receiving coveted support from the state.
rank growth of user interfaces slowly yields to an easily understandable monoculture, to the delight of pensioners and others, but to the detriment of support workers and guide authors
Because commissions and bonuses are not taxed, fixed salaries are lowered massively.
The candidacy for the next World Cup assures greater international prestige.