Quarter 229 - Winter 2047

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Wiretapping scandal high Security, Abroad 09.09.2019 20:06
Free Speech on the Internet high Rights, Media 04.09.2019 05:53
Animal Experiments high Health, Rights 05.09.2019 16:06
Corporate database high Economy, Rights 09.09.2019 20:06
Cannibalism normal Security, Rights 06.09.2019 15:36
Orphans normal Rights, Family 09.09.2019 20:04
Citizens' Initiative low Administration, Rights 09.09.2019 20:04

Former decisions had the following consequences:

unbaised journalism becomes very rare due to the lack of financing for public TV stations
Mafia members have a difficult stand due to the promotion of fighting organized crime
Despite heavy protests the animals are euthanized if they can't be placed
The government spends billions of tax payer's money by providing subsidies to railway companies that rarely get off the ground and survive for more than a year.
incest pregnancies must be genetically modified
Highly developed battle robots are used to fight crime.
Random event: a bumper crop lets food prices collapse
some toxic waste deposits are relocated and modernised with high costs
government's commodity team 'Healthy Nutrition' annoys the people with irregular tax changes, but delivers results bit by bit
As salaries for investment consultants and stockbrokers are still horrendously high that results in public displeasure.