Quarter 169 - Spring 2032

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Salary justification extremely high Economy, Rights 04.03.2019 20:34
Medicants extremely high Health, Budget 04.03.2019 20:39
School Attendance normal Education, Rights 04.03.2019 20:38
Real Estate Agents normal Economy, Infrastructure 04.03.2019 20:37
Political Contributions normal Administration, Rights 04.03.2019 20:37
Singles normal Rights, Family 04.03.2019 20:37
Ivy League normal Economy, Education 04.03.2019 20:38

Former decisions had the following consequences:

finally nuclear fusion is available for profitable use
polygamy of every type is now allowed
Due to a ban on imported meat, drug smugglers begin to include foreign specialties of meat in their shipments.
public broadcasters are able to increase the quality of their programming as they are now fully financed by the government
Handicapped individuals enjoy a large amount of freedom from barriers.
youths don't get any hard alcoholic drinks
Very wealthy entrepreneurs don't invest locally any more and hide their fortunes off-shore shell corporations because of the progressive income tax.
Random event: a bumper crop lets food prices collapse
A universal business closing time is introduced on workdays.
Church bells are dismantled and sold as scrap metal across Kalifornien.