Quarter 92 - Winter 2012

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
National Railway Privatization high Economy, Infrastructure 11.04.2019 11:38
Citizens' Initiative normal Administration, Rights 02.04.2019 06:15
Inheritance Tax normal Economy, Budget 10.04.2019 18:01
Calls for tenders normal Economy, Rights 13.04.2019 19:00
Orphans normal Rights, Family 13.04.2019 18:59
School Materials normal Education, Budget 11.04.2019 11:38
Costs of tax advice normal Rights, Budget 06.04.2019 10:31

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Unpaid sick days have the same effect as a pay cut.
The right to death is as self-evident as the right to life.
Embryos have to be imported for stem cell research.
It is possible now to telephone on subways without interruptions.
Supermarkets now offer deep-frozen "Dog Nuggets" and "Cat Sticks".
Call centers molest more and more households to make up for losses from sales that are cancelled the next day.
In an uninhabited part of Petrolandia, a terrorist prison camp led by the military is installed.
Job applicants are protected against employers requesting personal information not required for employment.
By abolishing monoculture farming, many notable landscapes and new ecosystems are created.
Microns is -once again- offended because of a unpunished diatribe