Quarter 129 - Summer 2022

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Maternity normal Budget, Family 16.06.2019 17:33
Nursing Homes normal Health, Family 16.06.2019 17:32
Cash for clunkers normal Economy, Budget 16.06.2019 17:32
Government Wage Support NEW normal Economy, Budget 18.06.2019 07:55
Native Language Music normal Education, Media 15.06.2019 23:13
Naturalization normal Rights, Abroad 15.06.2019 23:12
Traffic Offenders NEW low Security, Infrastructure 18.06.2019 07:47

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Welfare is elevated in order to abolish additional aid for the furniture of welfare recipients.
Random event: rumors that parliament's blaze was staged increase distrust against MrProper
The state guarantees the liquidity of poorly managed banks in order to prevent economic catastrophe.
from now on only adults are allowed to reveal themselves to ridiculousness in casting shows
large-scale investment in libraries promotes literacy in the population
Teachers are rarely absent, because there is a free lunch at school.
Drug addicts are taken to rehabilitation centers against their will until they are cured.
The new Domestic Housing Construction Plan provides homes for thousands of homeless people.
If a trust is proven to exist, the responsible persons are put in jail.
Truth is defined by the state.