Federal State of

Gran Caledoniagreen

Quarter 69 - Summer 2007

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Licence of parenthood high Education, Family 02.03.2019 00:24
Junk and shoddy high Economy, Environment 09.03.2019 12:14
Attack Dogs high Security, Rights 17.03.2019 16:18
Airfare high Environment, Infrastructure 18.03.2019 21:23
Native Language Music normal Education, Media 13.03.2019 20:49
Minimum Wage normal Economy, Rights 18.03.2019 21:23
Abortion normal Health, Rights 13.03.2019 20:49

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Contributions to parties have to be made public via internet.
With the introduction of a vague internet decency law that levies complex fines on forum and blog creators, thousands of political dissent sites and other opinion forums go off-line.
The number of first-time users decreases noticeably.
Citizens' initiatives have to pay fees and reveal personal data of their organizers.
squatters are fought rigorously
Random event: population is shocked by the most recent gun rampage at a school causing twenty fatalities
Insurance companies now determine the "profitability" of every disease and injury and to reduce payments on expensive treatments, cancer is classified as "unprofitable" and thus premiums are charged.
Short, severe punishments act as a strong deterrent. They teach the prisoners self discipline, and don't turn ex-convicts into social drop-outs.
Drug addicts are only forced to deprive if they are proven in court to be a threat to themselves or society.
The transfer payments have been partially regrouped into an unconditional basic income.