Quarter 79 - Winter 2009

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Pick A Name, Any Name high Administration, Rights 18.03.2019 20:58
Public Pools high Health, Budget 17.03.2019 11:47
Outsourcing high Economy, Rights 18.03.2019 21:00
Educational Hotline high Economy, Education 20.03.2019 19:01
Labor Unions normal Economy, Rights 20.03.2019 19:02
Sabbaticals normal Economy, Rights 21.03.2019 10:49
Mobile phones NEW normal Economy, Health 22.03.2019 19:37

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Civil rights are shortened to fight organized crime
Random event: The singer 'Nela' wins the World Song Contest with her great song 'Trabant', filling the hearts of the people with joy and pride
The latest celebrity gossip makes headlines while many important government decisions are lost in the back pages of newspapers.
A massive dam provides the citizens of Name2 with huge tracts of land, but the loss of wetlands endangers many species of wildlife.
women's quota in corporations is arranged by tax privileges and penalty taxes
altaria96 fires a minister rigorously after he was detected to be a fraud
Emigration of academics slows, while students studying at foreign universities increases dramatically.
Numerous politicians resign to maintain their lavish lifestyle with large corporate paychecks.
Animal abusers are convicted as felons and given long sentences in prison.
Scat sex lovers describe in great detail their practices on talk shows.