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Quarter 138 - Autumn 2024

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Political Contributions high Administration, Rights 16.05.2019 01:27
Corruption Abroad NEW normal Economy, Abroad 21.05.2019 01:29
Criminal Immigrants normal Security, Abroad 20.05.2019 04:50
Discipline normal Health, Education 20.05.2019 04:50
Legalize It! low Health, Rights 15.05.2019 00:27
Food Stamps low Health, Budget 20.05.2019 04:50
Doping low Health, Rights 20.05.2019 04:49

Former decisions had the following consequences:

large-scale investment in libraries promotes literacy in the population
Energy-saving, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly products form the greatest exports of Sealand.
Supermarkets now offer deep-frozen "Dog Nuggets" and "Cat Sticks".
Parents have to take their children to official health checkups every six months.
Very wealthy entrepreneurs don't invest locally any more and hide their fortunes off-shore shell corporations because of the progressive income tax.
The state subsidizes supermarkets in rural areas.
animal right organizations and military forces fight together for animal rights
Many millionaires move to foreign countries.
Rich people often emigrate to other countries when getting old in order to save their children from high inheritance taxes.
Protesters gather outside supermarkets across Sealand as imported whale meat is placed on the shelves.