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Quarter 76 - Spring 2009

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Immigration high Rights, Abroad 31.01.2019 07:35
Hospitals high Economy, Health 06.02.2019 01:05
Capital Gains Tax normal Economy, Budget 04.02.2019 02:47
Freedom of Art normal Rights, Media 06.02.2019 01:06
Discounts for Seniors normal Rights, Budget 02.02.2019 14:36
Dam normal Economy, Environment 05.02.2019 04:26
Retirement Savings Plans low Economy, Rights 06.02.2019 01:04

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Animals which are not used for breeding have to be castrated forcefully
Protesters gather outside supermarkets across Malaya as imported whale meat is placed on the shelves.
Drivers have to complete a refresher test every two years at their own cost.
The recent nationalization of the railway system caused widespread panic from stockbrokers and widespread relief from commuters.
Many crimes often remain unsolved because phone connections may no longer be checked.
Malaya makes huge efforts to please its minorities and to settle a conflict within Micronia, but the latter one finally escalates to local open war
Trading cards become one of the most important status symbols among children which causes many fights and disruptions in school.
Citizens of disaster areas take extensive preventative measures independently.
The development of alternative fuels is a long and expensive process, since car manufacturers continue to support oil-based technologies and ignore alternative research.
since long hours became very expensive for employers, they try to accelerate pace of work