South Africagreen

Quarter 145 - Summer 2026

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Torture of Terrorists extremely high Security, Rights 25.06.2019 04:26
Sporting Events high Economy, Media 25.06.2019 04:28
Timing high Economy, Rights 22.06.2019 00:52
Medicants high Health, Budget 26.06.2019 09:00
Public Broadcasters normal Rights, Media 25.06.2019 04:27
Political Contributions normal Administration, Rights 24.06.2019 07:06
Real Estate Agents low Economy, Infrastructure 24.06.2019 07:04

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Students from some schools miserably fail the new standardized graduation tests.
in former bunker installations new habitats for mosquitos and all manners of weeds develop
public fishing quotas protect fish stock and keep marine police busy
The right to death is as self-evident as the right to life.
A think-tank decides quickly and unbureaucratically about expedient subsidies into new markets.
Job applicants are protected against employers requesting personal information not required for employment.
Smoking is banned everywhere except in private homes.
Fathers often take the granted paternity leave to care for newborns.
the state must offer low priced leases to squatters of its own estate
The secret service of South Africa spies on its own citizens using a foreign monitoring station.