Trading Entity

BCBC Southerngreen

Quarter 126 - Autumn 2021

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Discipline high Health, Education 14.06.2019 00:32
Newspaper Cartoons high Rights, Abroad 15.06.2019 01:00
Plastic Surgery normal Health, Rights 15.06.2019 00:59
Cruelty to Animals normal Security, Rights 16.06.2019 13:28
Trademark Rights normal Economy, Rights 16.06.2019 13:27
Militia normal Security, Administration 16.06.2019 06:08
Polygraph NEW normal Security, Rights 17.06.2019 01:03

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Many jobs are taken over by robots in all industries, making products cheaper, however many humans are left unemployed as a result.
The trade unions agree to a wage reduction in order to prevent the demise of export-oriented enterprises.
Journalism is controlled by corporate pressure groups.
The medical community is elated as embryos are corybanticly used for experiments of all sorts.
Parents have to take their children to official health checkups every six months.
citizens can access extensive political information online for free, as well as contribute to politics
State visits from disliked heads-of-state are commonly held in rural uninhabited areas to not offend any civil rights.
The state subsidizes the research of dangerous substances.
Random event: publicity protests against the intended shooting of a supposed problem bear
Government and private corporations fire different-minded individuals on the basis of conformity.