Trading Entity

BCBC Southerngreen

Quarter 145 - Summer 2026


TheLastShah Regent since Spring 1990
Age 66
Popularity 5.28
Power 3.71
Int. reputation 0.28
Health 1.11
Influence 5.75
Elections 15 quarters up to the next elections / 65.84%

Regent's statistics

Referenda 1%
Tasks sat out 5%
Quarters without action 10 Quarters
Enforced reforms 7
Changes of the budget 31
Average voting results 62%
Re-elections 8


Quarter 92: Because of the strict surveillance of dissenters, a plot against you has been foiled.



145 Food Stamps
Contract workers
144 Election result 65%
143 Change of budget
142 Divorces
Ivy League
Age of Consent
No Service!
Junk and shoddy
139 Change of budget
138 Insurances
137 Violent Television Programs
Genetically Modified Food
Capital Gains Tax
Public transit
Political Contributions
135 Change of budget
134 Candies
133 Space Station
Foreign Languages
132 Dam
131 Change of budget
Random event: The collision of two oil tankers beneath the coast causes a devastating oil spill.
130 Trademark Rights
Plastic Surgery
Cruelty to Animals
128 Newspaper Cartoons
Election result 63%
127 Change of budget
126 Singles
125 State Funded Newspapers
Wage Reduction
Advanced Robotics
124 Compulsory Checkups
Stem Cell Research
123 Change of budget
122 State Visit
121 Random event: publicity protests against the intended shooting of a supposed problem bear
120 Public Service Bans
Creativity Drugs
119 Change of budget
118 Land Reclamation
117 Overtime
Topless Society
Child abuse
Random event: this year even three scientists from BCBC Southern gained a Nobel prize which caused a worldwide furore
116 Space elevator
115 Change of budget
114 Native Language Music
113 Real Estate Agents
Adult Education
112 Prohibition
Attack Dogs
Election result 61%
111 Change of budget
110 Interviews
109 Credit Trade
108 Broadcasting Licenses
Government Wage Support
Neuro enhancement
107 Change of budget
106 Blasphemy
Forced Rehabilitation