Quarter 81 - Spring 2010

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Communication Data extremely high Security, Rights 21.01.2019 08:00
Commuters extremely high Economy, Budget 24.01.2019 20:38
Lobbyists extremely high Economy, Rights 14.01.2019 07:46
Trademark Rights high Economy, Rights 25.01.2019 07:18
Film Editing high Rights, Media 23.01.2019 07:59
Retirement Savings Plans low Economy, Rights 24.01.2019 20:39
Blasphemy low Education, Rights 28.02.2019 18:06

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Malnourished chain gangs spend whole days digging deep ditches, only to fill them up again the next day.
Corporate executives are extremely angry when they are forced by law to create extensive sick leave pay programs and health insurance funds.
People are valued for their everyday behavior on a public webpage.
Prostitution is an ordinary branch of the service economy.
Newspapers report that the Chief of the Secret Service was suddenly fired without any reason.
Because of high taxes, many diesel vehicles are eventually converted to gasoline.
Companies pay immense sums for state scientific findings.
Same-sex marriages have the same status as heterosexual marriages.
Even family members of immigrants have to pay for the right to follow them.
Students from some schools miserably fail the new standardized graduation tests.