Title Urgency Categories Assignment Done
Mom and Pop Shops high Economy, Infrastructure 13.01.2019 04:09 19.01.2019 00:21
Gambling extremely high Economy, Rights 11.01.2019 14:32 17.01.2019 00:23
Election Pledges extremely high Administration, Rights 11.01.2019 14:30 17.01.2019 00:22
Rainforest Preservation Fund extremely high Environment, Abroad 13.01.2019 04:10 16.01.2019 00:28
Flood Disaster extremely high Environment, Budget 15.01.2019 00:22 16.01.2019 00:23
Investment Subsidy normal Economy, Budget 15.01.2019 00:21 15.01.2019 00:22
Attack Dogs extremely high Security, Rights 11.01.2019 14:30 15.01.2019 00:21
Public transit high Economy, Infrastructure 11.01.2019 14:30 13.01.2019 04:10
Boundary dispute extremely high Security, Abroad 11.01.2019 14:30 13.01.2019 04:07
Fire Destroys Parliament Building extremely high Security, Rights 11.01.2019 14:30 11.01.2019 14:32

Tasks which were sat out

Title Categories Sat out on
Airfare Environment, Infrastructure 13.01.2019 04:11
A Waste Of Time? Health, Education 13.01.2019 04:09

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Since the state now operates supply stores in rural villages, the appeal of cheaper country living has slowed migration to the megacities.
The national betting monopoly injects money into the state’s finances.
Politicians don't give any election pledges since they can be sued for not keeping them.
GD1 pays an enormous sum in a protection fund for the rainforest
Citizens of disaster areas take extensive preventative measures independently.
New business ideas often cannot be realized for lack of state subsidies.
Attack dogs may only walk outside with their muzzle.
Using the completely abuzz tubes is for free.
after a fraught interlude of threats and weapons aimed on each other Makreich finally retreats from GD1
Random event: publicity protests against the intended shooting of a supposed problem bear