Autonomous region

Mongol Ulsgreen

Quarter 193 - Autumn 2038


MrProper Regent since Summer 1990
Age 78
Popularity 2.93
Power 6.26
Int. reputation -1.85
Health 0.53
Influence 5.67
Elections 15 quarters up to the next elections / 58.79%

Regent's statistics

Referenda 0%
Tasks sat out 15%
Quarters without action 50 Quarters
Enforced reforms 4
Changes of the budget 31
Average voting results 56%
Re-elections 11


Quarter 119: Through secret interrogations of dissident leaders, a conspiracy against you has been sniffed out.
Quarter 108: Through secret interrogations of dissident leaders, a conspiracy against you has been sniffed out.



193 Political Contributions
192 Election result 63%
191 Illegal employment
190 Change of budget
189 Euthanasia
Corruption Abroad
188 Many gaudy smarties
187 Board of Directors Secrecy
186 Change of budget
185 Accommodation of terror suspects
184 Police Equipment
Battle Robots
School Materials
182 Change of budget
181 Mucria's independency
Plagiarism scandal
180 Public Pools
Fire safety
179 Barriers
178 Change of budget
Random event: a hurricane devastates large parts of Ulaanbaatar and takes the lives of thousands of citizens
177 Militarism
176 Public Service Bans
Company Secrets
Election result 61%
175 Wage Reduction
174 Change of budget
173 Separatists
172 Emissions Trading
171 Foreign Television
Culture coupons
170 Change of budget
169 Autonomous Exclave
Cartels and collusions
The last shah
168 Space Station
Inheritance Tax
A team of reporters revealed a hazardous incident in a reactor near Ulaanbaatar
167 Foreign Languages
166 Change of budget
165 Banking Confidentiality
Meatless Future
164 Need for Speed?
Egalitarian Transhumanism
161 Noise Pollution
160 Communication Data
Election result 59%
159 Online Games
Child abuse
158 Change of budget
157 Shopping Hours
Nuclear Energy
Random event: this year even three scientists from Mongol Uls gained a Nobel prize which caused a worldwide furore
156 Salary justification
155 Larks and owls
154 Change of budget