Quarter 103 - Spring 2016

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Preschools extremely high Education, Family 16.03.2019 00:56
Apprenticeships high Education, Rights 18.03.2019 00:50
Plastic Surgery high Health, Rights 12.03.2019 00:39
Emissions Trading high Economy, Environment 17.03.2019 00:21
Tuition Fees normal Education, Budget 16.03.2019 00:56
Candies normal Administration, Health 18.03.2019 00:50
Insults NEW normal Security, Rights 20.03.2019 00:55

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Canera now has intercontinental missiles at its disposal
Millions of pets are happy about their new companions due to strict ownership laws.
The citizens of Canera are disgusted that the hostages are completely abandoned by the government.
Random event: a hurricane devastates large parts of Seoul and takes the lives of thousands of citizens
As salaries for investment consultants and stockbrokers are still horrendously high that results in public displeasure.
Drug art rapidly loses its avant-garde status due to the fact that only chosen artists under state supervision are allowed to produce it.
youths don't get any hard alcoholic drinks
each citizen can get firearms for himself / herself
Mandatory union membership for all employees leads to an increase in employment, but a decrease in salaries and wages.
People move closer to their jobs since commuting transport expenses cannot be deducted from taxes.