Quarter 47 - Spring 2002

The affairs of state of Canera were taken over by the regent Shenat in Summer 1990. Observers classify the midsize state as progressive neoliberal party-democracy, known for its high net income and the low crime rate.

Most of the very educated and reasonable citizens are happy with the circumstances. They have a reputation to be sportive and freedom-loving. Further they enjoy an outstanding infrastructure. Compared with other countries, the most distinctive difference is the Capital.

Canera is part of World Essen and is located in Far East. The state classified as Industrial power is considered as aggressive and engaged in some trade.

Canera is a precious member of Essen Union, an ambitious alliance.



Formed in the aftermath of the 93' Korean War of Unification, this country has narrowly avoided internal conflict. Its government has led the nation in a directed campaign to distract its populace from deep rooted flaws, and has succeeded in maintaining peace. Through continued collaboration with the international community, Caneras government hopes to improve the global economy and open access to new trade markets to keep its country focused and efficient. These are the pillar-stones of Caneran government policy aimed at guiding it to success.


Economy 17% Military 9% Safety 13% Reputation 2%
Health 5% Progress 4% Environment -1% Civil rights 0%
Happy Content Uncontent


Heraldic animal / symbol
Capital city
Flag (not selectable for world states) Flag
Anthem To prevent nationalistic bias and conflict, the anthems of both constituent countries have been censored.
Foundation 14.12.2018
Highest Happiness 57.5
Visitors 157
Link https://www.ars-regendi.com/state/212159-union-canera

Key data

Indicators Canera Average state (23624)
Gross domestic product per capita 62,916 € 32,709 €
Annual average of inflation 4.82 % 1.95 %
Annual average of population growth 0.57 % 0.28 %
Annual average of economy growth 5.84 % 2.18 %
Social benefits ratio 12.85 % 15.34 %
Public spending ratio 35.18 % 39.15 %
Tax rate 35.75 % 40.45 %
Debt rate 33.94 % 658.81 %


Happiness 130.
Duration of regency 294.


Canera Average state
Currencies 1.14 $ / € 1.11 $ / € Sold currencies: 0 Buy
Ground 42.43 €/m² 34.60 €/m² Sold ground: 0 Buy
Shares 2,389 824 Sold shares: 0 Buy


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