Fuslingen IIIgreen

Quarter 85 - Winter 2011

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Profit Sharing high Economy, Rights 14.02.2019 07:21
Artificial Meat high Economy, Health 14.02.2019 07:21
School Attendance high Education, Rights 17.02.2019 09:19
Equality high Economy, Rights 17.02.2019 09:19
Lay-Off Protection normal Economy, Rights 16.02.2019 09:54
Abortion normal Health, Rights 12.02.2019 07:01
Discipline low Health, Education 18.02.2019 07:36

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Many tabloid newspapers close down as counterstatements must have equal importance as headline articles.
Parents get reduced child benefits for fat kids.
the setup of a national enterprise communication network devours billions of Fussel
Random event: population is shocked by the most recent gun rampage at a school causing twenty fatalities
Large areas previously belonging to the nobility are now used for agriculture by state-operated companies.
Higher taxes on business profits force some large enterprises to relocate to foreign countries.
Low-income earners get loans only at horrendously high interest rates.
Pupils are trained in 'soft' skills when a class is cancelled.
Energy-saving, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly products form the greatest exports of Fuslingen III.
Fuslingen III forcefully reappoints the old ruler in Persyana, an interference which makes other states quite nervous