Quarter 163 - Autumn 2030

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Apprenticeships high Education, Rights 17.04.2019 15:58
Malonite NEW high Education, Rights 19.04.2019 00:22
Closing Time normal Economy, Rights 14.04.2019 09:31
Labor Time normal Economy, Health 17.04.2019 16:01
Nuclear Energy NEW normal Economy, Environment 19.04.2019 00:23
Morning Exercise normal Administration, Health 18.04.2019 01:14
Traffic Offenders low Security, Infrastructure 13.04.2019 07:19

Former decisions had the following consequences:

interships become rare since they have to be paid
Prostitution is an ordinary branch of the service economy.
investments in nano factories boost economy and result in fascinating new products, but at what price?
Welfare is elevated in order to abolish additional aid for the furniture of welfare recipients.
Trading cards become one of the most important status symbols among children which causes many fights and disruptions in school.
Athletes get tattoos of brand names on their foreheads to keep up their high living standard.
a newly established public insurance agency causes a great stir in the economy sector
the space elevator greatly boosts economy and research
children, pet dogs and dodgy characters now gallivant in the recently reconstructed bunker facilities
Dubious foreign organisations place their money with domestic banks.