Quarter 231 - Autumn 2047

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Former decisions had the following consequences:

Working parents have much less time for their children since work-free weekends have been abolished.
Members of multiple corporate executive boards resign, however simply channel friends and relatives into their empty seats.
It is possible to shop twenty-four-seven in many places.
Very dangerous people can adopt children without any regulations.
The "Single's Tax" causes many problems between people who joined into relationships just to avoid the tax.
Fathers often take the granted paternity leave to care for newborns.
expansion of traffic infrastructure ceases because there are not enough female building workers
difficult juveniles transpire in military schools while marching, cleaning and potato skinning
Toffelistan fights the explosion of population with an offer for sterilization at no cost for ages thirty and older.
The latest celebrity gossip makes headlines while many important government decisions are lost in the back pages of newspapers.