Quarter 80 - Spring 2010

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Animal Experiments extremely high Health, Rights 19.05.2019 01:18
Human Rights Council high Rights, Abroad 24.05.2019 00:38
State Visit high Rights, Abroad 23.05.2019 00:32
Public Broadcasters high Rights, Media 23.05.2019 22:37
National Anthem high Administration, Abroad 23.05.2019 00:33
Mom and Pop Shops normal Economy, Infrastructure 22.05.2019 01:00
Insults normal Security, Rights 24.05.2019 00:39

Former decisions had the following consequences:

from now on only adults are allowed to reveal themselves to ridiculousness in casting shows
Risky speculations make some economists worry about the future stability of the economy in  Void.
freelancers have to report labor times and are fined by employment centers for working overtime
Trading cards become one of the most important status symbols among children which causes many fights and disruptions in school.
Prostitution is an ordinary branch of the service economy.
Most citizens get used to unsweetened drinks.
[staats] tries to form an alliance against Makreich to make it stop spying
Everyone living in a dictatorship is entitled to asylum in  Void, and many former dictators and their soldiers take advantage of the law when their regimes are overthrown.
 Void is a paradise for illegal immigration as floods of people pour over the borders.
Unofficial secret agents manipulate decision makers in other countries so that  Void companies will be favored.