Democratic Republic


Quarter 163 - Summer 2030
State calculations are running, actions are permitted again after 12:20 AM Central European Time. Meanwhile, you could visit the forum.

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Malonite high Education, Rights 02.03.2019 14:06
Sabbaticals normal Economy, Rights 28.02.2019 14:07
Work on Weekends normal Economy, Rights 22.02.2019 13:50
Mom and Pop Shops normal Economy, Infrastructure 26.02.2019 14:28
Costs of tax advice normal Rights, Budget 22.02.2019 13:51
Foreign Languages normal Economy, Education 02.03.2019 14:07
Discipline low Health, Education 28.02.2019 14:06

Former decisions had the following consequences:

the space elevator greatly boosts economy and research
extensive prevention programs against child abuse slowly deliver results
Random event: the hype about Sven the polar bear cub raises spirits of the population
Some internet addictives start reading books for the first time in years.
newly introduced compulsory vaccination strikes resolute resistance from vaccination opponents
Endurance athletes from Selenia rarely make the news in international competitions.
Selenia stays out of the business of Persyana, citizens' and foreign reactions are neutral in total
In basements across Selenia, illegal betting clubs spring up like mushrooms.
A giant hydro-electric dam brings high earnings for the state and valley residents who now live in mansions on the coast.
Admission criteria for the public 'elite' universities are so strict that only the brightest minds are accepted.