Quarter 192 - Winter 2037

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Culture coupons high Education, Media 10.04.2019 06:25
A Day Without TV high Education, Media 13.04.2019 09:19
Trademark Rights normal Economy, Rights 18.04.2019 06:10
Internet Firewalls normal Economy, Rights 16.04.2019 06:51
Ivy League normal Economy, Education 14.04.2019 15:21
Whaling low Environment, Rights 13.04.2019 09:20
Sports low Health, Rights 18.04.2019 06:07

Former decisions had the following consequences:

a flatrate is introduced for public services, paid by all citizens equally
Mafia members have a difficult stand due to the promotion of fighting organized crime
Teachers flunk some pupils because of bad linguistic style, although their answers are factually correct.
Numerous small tax accountants go bankrupt.
temporary work has become significantly more expensive since wage of contract workers has be adjusted
Inexpensive quality meat grown in laboratories fills the racks in supermarkets as the last ranches and slaughterhouses close down forever.
All communication data from citizens is saved and made available to the police and courts.
Sodas and cakes are becoming real luxury items.
[staats] tries to form an alliance against Makreich to make it stop spying