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Title Urgency Categories Assignment Done
Fire Destroys Parliament Building high Security, Rights 12.10.2018 11:45 12.10.2018 11:45
Tax Liability In Foreign Countries normal Abroad, Budget 12.10.2018 11:45 12.10.2018 11:45
Marching of Nazis high Security, Abroad 12.10.2018 11:45 12.10.2018 11:45

Former decisions had the following consequences:

katty achieved the construction of medium range missiles
Prominent right-wing extremists deny involvement, but are arrested and sentenced when a mysterious letter claiming responsibility for burning down the parliament building is 'found' during house raids in the middle of the night.
For fear of consequences some tax exiles donít permit citizens of katty to enter any more.
The people of katty appreciate very much the government's guarantee of the freedom of speech.