Freie Republik


Quarter 123 - Winter 2020

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Freedom of Art normal Rights, Media 17.11.2018 12:34
Calls for tenders normal Economy, Rights 17.11.2018 12:34
Welfare Minimum normal Economy, Budget 17.11.2018 12:34
Forced Labor low Security, Rights 26.10.2018 21:05
Income Limitations low Economy, Rights 12.10.2018 21:31
Work on Weekends low Economy, Rights 12.10.2018 21:30
Singles low Rights, Family 03.10.2018 13:42

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Random event: people have great confidence in Mossadegh in order to fight militant extremists
More and more people skip regular screenings and medical checkups since all treatments are fully covered by public healthcare.
Fearing criminal prosecution, lobbyists and politicians now only meet on remote islands during "vacations."
School attendance sharply increases when some teachers go to school without wearing a top.
Church and state are separated neatly from each other.
Trademark laws have been eased noticeably.
The number of police officers in Duran has been greatly increased.
Foreign terrorists beware of hijacking citizens from Duran.
The state actively prevents mergers of companies.
Nursery homes receive massive national aid.