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Quarter 143 - Winter 2025

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Public Pools extremely high Health, Budget 03.01.2019 04:54
Catacombs extremely high Education, Rights 16.01.2019 04:55
Calls for tenders high Economy, Rights 15.01.2019 06:24
Intelligent Design high Education, Rights 12.01.2019 09:08
Filesharing Networks high Economy, Rights 17.01.2019 05:00
Newspaper Cartoons normal Rights, Abroad 16.01.2019 04:53
Foreign Television normal Rights, Abroad 15.01.2019 06:17

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Access to the Central Administration Database is granted to the courts to assist police in the fight against crime.
It is offered to former emigrants to come home after seventy years.
neuro enhancement becomes normal in many professions
Everyone living in a dictatorship is entitled to asylum in new Israel, and many former dictators and their soldiers take advantage of the law when their regimes are overthrown.
Immense sums of foreign development aid end up in the hands of brutal dictators.
Students from some schools miserably fail the new standardized graduation tests.
a mountainous statue of nivh watches over new Israel now
Numerous regional press secretaries try to present government policy in a positive light to the people.
More and more people cannot go to work because of psychosomatic problems.
Surplus crops become a major fuel source which enables new Israel to break its dependency on oil-exporting states.