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Quarter 210 - Autumn 2042
State calculations are running, actions are permitted again after 12:20 AM Central European Time. Meanwhile, you could visit the forum.

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Child Labor extremely high Economy, Rights 05.03.2019 19:52
Libraries high Education, Infrastructure 10.03.2019 18:15
Minimum Wage high Economy, Rights 10.03.2019 18:17
Polygraph high Security, Rights 13.03.2019 21:19
Shopping Hours normal Economy, Rights 10.03.2019 18:16
Foreign Languages normal Economy, Education 14.03.2019 05:01
Blasphemy low Education, Rights 14.03.2019 04:59

Former decisions had the following consequences:

fire service receives a massive increase of public grants
Many companies shift production to foreign countries to compensate for productivity deficits.
In new Israel, divorce quarrells are especially bitter while lawyers get very wealthy.
Citizens going about their business are regularly hauled into police vans and thrown into jail for days on end after looking at one of the countless new police officers on the beat "funny".
Random event: over and over occuring strikes of small employee groups delay economical development
The people of new Israel appreciate very much the government's guarantee of the freedom of speech.
Seniors are pleased with exorbitant state pension increases.
Branch strikes bring down numerous unwanted bosses.
Using the completely abuzz tubes is for free.
Some private hospitals are nationalized to provide better medical care for patients.