Freie Zone

Kalifornien green

Quarter 221 - Autumn 2045

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Driver's License high Rights, Infrastructure 11.07.2019 11:50
Interfaces NEW normal Rights, Infrastructure 16.07.2019 10:19
Plastic Surgery normal Health, Rights 14.07.2019 01:55
Board of Directors Secrecy normal Economy, Rights 08.07.2019 12:35
Prostitution normal Economy, Rights 14.07.2019 01:56
Animal Experiments normal Health, Rights 15.07.2019 09:28
Labor Time NEW normal Economy, Health 16.07.2019 10:19

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Random event: the hype about Sven the polar bear cub raises spirits of the population
The citizens of Kalifornien are declared the best dressed people worldwide by the international press.
TheLastShah fires a minister rigorously after he was detected to be a fraud
a mountainous statue of TheLastShah watches over Kalifornien now
Fair Trade is now required by law which increases the living prices of low income families but is praised by others as very humane
Public pools are modernized at an enormous cost.
The same immigration laws are applied to former emigrants who want to return as to all other immigrants.
Kalifornien is a paradise for thieves because citizens have become careless with security since the state will pay for their losses.
large-scale investment in libraries promotes literacy in the population
Due to a ban on imported meat, drug smugglers begin to include foreign specialties of meat in their shipments.