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Dai Nippongreen

Quarter 299 - Autumn 2064

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Former decisions had the following consequences:

Dai Nippon has sent the first humans to Mars, where they found only red rocks
Productivity increases from the use of robots while humans become less and less proficient at many menial jobs.
a mountainous statue of MrProper watches over Dai Nippon now
As salaries for investment consultants and stockbrokers are still horrendously high that results in public displeasure.
Since mothers can be fired during pregnancy, abortion rates have increased drastically.
In Dai Nippon, divorce quarrells are especially bitter while lawyers get very wealthy.
Religious organizations conduct secret surveillance on escapade services and then call the police to have them shut down.
Religious doctrines prohibit In Vitro Fertilization.
because of abolishment of all labor time regulations eliminates automation stagnates, hence productivity also does
Dai Nippon has deposed of all nuclear weapons and has relinquished its status as a nuclear power